Leadership Videos
& Books

by Rowan van Dyk

Rowan has produced a number of videos for you to watch, learn and develop as a leader. These are free of charge, and further development can take place by purchasing books authored by Rowan. Contact Rowan for further information about bespoke workshops and training sessions for you and your organisation.



  • As knowledge is power and education an essential element of successful businesses, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you for the invaluable training you rendered my company. Proactive and efficient staff members are a boon to any company with vision and a goal and you and your team have helped me take a fundamental step forward in closing that gap.
    Graham Hall; Director
    Cape Cycle Systems
  • The book is really good. Practical, useful, an easy read, and the references to sources and writers is excellent. The fact that the book is “basic” and user friendly, but still contains the important “behavioural sciences balance” , speaks of well thought through writing.
    Loudie Groenewald; Director
    National Training Institute
  • DNL Training, and more specifically Dr Rowan van Dyk, comes highly recommended in Namibia and has done various skills development courses for Pupkewitz Megatech and Pupkewitz Catering Supplies Divisions within our Company over the past 2 years. Their training scope and course objectives create excitement amongst learners and are met by practical examples within the workplace I strongly recommend Dr van Dyk as a very thorough and ambitious training provider.
  • Rowan is a people’s person, a natural leader, who believes in leading by example & practices what he preaches. A proactive person with a creative mind who always sees and finds possibilities beyond current realities & perceptions. His principle-based and value driven approach is the platform on which he operates, delivers service and partners with stakeholders. He has the capacity to build long-term business associations on this basis.
  • The quality of content was consistently of high standard. Rowan was full of energy and enthusiasm throughout the duration of the training. The training content was practical, relevant and we were able to apply them immediately. Our staff are motivated and excited to make the changes at their stores. Thank you Rowan!
    Belinda Walker; Director
    Brand Name Marketing
  • Dr van Dyk is an excellent professional speaker and leadership coach. He is quick to find solutions and eager to help his customers and mentees. His managerial skills as well as his books and videos have improved my own company’s outcomes substantially. I am forever grateful for his guidance.
    Brandt von West; Publishing Director
    Scribing Dynamics Publishing
  • Everyone enjoyed the workshop very much and found many things very interesting.  We absolutely loved the activities and enjoyed “guessing” secretly where each one of us fits in, and when we were correct about another one’s personality, got enjoyment out of it. Thank you, it was a very good session and you definitely have us talking about it. It is very rare that I send people on a workshop or training session and then they come out buzzing like bee’s.
    Elmarine Grobler; HR Manager
    Woerman Brock & Co Swakopmund
  • JM Matienzo
    Ariva Academy Philippines Inc
  • Rowan delivered an interactive session titled ‘Change the Way You Lead to Change the World’ at the Switch Conference 2019 in Mauritius. He delivered excellently on this, with a session that fully engaged the audience. We are also grateful for the support he provided the Switch team throughout the entire conference and give him our full recommendation. Who better to speak on good leadership than someone who practices what they preach?
    Olfa Fdhila
    Switch Conference