Is Social Media Chewing Up Your Time

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12th Jul 2018
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Is Social Media Chewing Up Your Time

Social media is a powerful tool for gathering information and for gauging the mood out there in the real world. Millennials trust the internet for information much more than print or other media.

If you study some of the posts on especially Twitter and Facebook, how much of the information is actually believable. How often have you not seen people ranting and raving on Facebook merely to illicit some or other reaction?

The problem we face is that whether the information is accurate or not, we are driven to first view the post in detail and then react to the post in some way, either by commenting or posting our own thread.

We have become addicted to social media.

What’s the problem with constantly spending time on social media?

You waste unnecessary man hours.

You are losing focus of the real objective

You are missing your deadlines

Wasting your time…

It’s easy to use up your work time to go onto social media. Because we are addicted to social media, we spend every opportunity we have browsing through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

Think about it.

How long do you spend on social media daily? C’mon, be honest. You have to admit that it’s almost impossible to go onto Facebook or Twitter and the other platforms without being distracted by all the posts. I must admit that there are times when I fall into the same trap. All those funny images or interesting links or interesting video clips. But before you realise it, you have wasted several minutes or even hours and no work has been done.

I remember a time not so long ago when I would come into work an hour or so earlier because it was quiet and no-one was around so I could get through much more work in the hour or two than in a normal 8 hour day.   

The problem however was that as soon as I sat down at my desk, I would log into my laptop and check my emails. That turned out to be the biggest mistake. As soon as I read my emails, I would start responding to the mails and before I knew it, it was lunchtime and I had not done any of the work I had planned to do. I had to change my habits and finish my work first before getting into my emails. I also had to start prioritising my emails to deal with the important ones first and leave the others for later.

When you’re working towards achieving your objectives, limit your use of social media.

By getting distracted by social media, you lose focus of your objectives and invariably end u missing some deadlines. Social media is meant to assist you in your work and life in general, not control it completely.

You do not have to answer you phone every-time it rings, you have caller ID so you can see whether it is an important call, say from a client, or whether it is a friend or family member that wants to chat for a while because they have not to keep them busy. In the same way your phone (mobile or landline) has caller ID, so also do most phones have a messaging feature. You can call back later.

The same applies to social media. Every-time your phone or laptop gives the message alert, you drop everything and see what post or message has come through. Sometimes you are in a meeting or busy taking to someone and immediately you check your phone. This shows the level of addiction.

No….. the world will not come to a grinding halt if you do not read the post immediately. Nothing that is posted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is so important that it has to be read and responded to immediately.

A guest house I once stayed over at had a sign hanging outside the reception door that read “No we don’t have WiFi, talk to each other”. The fact that I was on a business trip ALONE, so had no-one to talk to, and needed to check my emails did not help much. The truth of the matter was that my world did not come crashing down around me because I did not check my emails , or other social media for that matter. What did strike me though was that we have become so dependent on technology and social media that we DO NOT communicate verbally anymore. Everything is so impersonal and we say everything via technology.

So…set some time apart to visit your social media platforms, but plan your day so that your work, and therefore your objectives, are handled first. I realise there are companies and people (like myself) that use social media as a marketing tool, but if someone responded to a business post on your business Facebook page, you DO NOT have to respond within minutes. Many people accept a 24 hour period as a reasonable and suitable response time.

Identify the tasks in your day that are important and deal with them first. By letting social media control your time will only result in your important tasks suddenly becoming urgent.

Remember, as a good friend of mine always says.. Move up not on. Start spending your time more wisely and learn to communicate the old fashioned way some more.


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