ART of Leadership (E-Book)
27th Aug 2019
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Fundamentals of Leadership (E-Book)

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Leading Yourself Out Of A Mess

Are you having a leadership meltdown? Does it seem as if you’re drowning in this leadership quagmire? Are you stressed because your team is not engaged and it seems as if they don’t trust you as their leader? Do you feel that you’ve lost your way?

Don’t worry help is at hand!

Fundamentals of Leadership is a profound, thought-provoking, impactful and practical guide for leaders to cussed into the next decade.

Rowan van Dyk offers proven, researched, simple advice to help leaders who are stuck in relationship limbo or dealing with a team who are disengaged and won’t commit. In Fundamentals of Leadership, you’ll read how confident, authentic, relational leaders handle the team challenges and have the time of their life in the process. Fundamentals of Leadership shows you how…

  • to understand what makes your teams tick
  • how to identify your unique leadership style and use it to your advantage
  • what motivation strategies to use
  • how to measuring performance for the best results
  • how managing your time effectively affects your leadership
  • which problem solving techniques work best
  • how to lead remotely and get results
  • what techniques work effectively when leading in times of a crisis

…and so much more. If insecurities and self-doubt bring out the worst in you, it is time retrain your way of leading to attract trust from your team. Whether going through a crisis, acquiring a new team, stuck in relationship limbo or trying to start one up with your team members, Fundamentals of Leadership is for you. You’ll learn how the most authentic, confident, sincere leaders handle team relationships with very little effort or stress and a lot of integrity and confidence.

Start reading Fundamentals of Leadership immediately!

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