The Leadership Flag (E-Book)
3rd Jan 2019
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ART of Leadership Digital

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To be more effective as a leader you need to develop relationships and re-instil your team’s trust in you. In this session, you’ll gain powerful tips and tools you can use to develop those relationships and TRUST that proves to your team you have their backs!


This session offers practical techniques that can be used immediately to regain their trust. Participants will learn how to develop Leader-Rings that create a safe working environment and apply the principles of the Authentic Creative Leadership Matrix.


There’s a lot more to leadership than simply being put in charge. Without fundamental skills, abilities and cultivating the trust of your people it will be tough hike to get things done and develop autonomous teams that get things done.

Leadership is not a position it’s a choice. Managers instruct and enforce, leaders inspire and empower. You cannot influence others if you do not possess the skills required to be a real leader. For a leader to be successful they need the team. If the team trusts them and they build a relationship with the team, then the team will perform to their maximum potential, not because they are required to, but because they want.

Managers today think they are leaders but they are only enforcing the rules and their team ends up being afraid of them and merely react to instructions. The manager’s role is a lonely one, but a leader establishes trust and therefore has a bond with the team through the development of Leader-Rings. Trust is a vital part of leadership and is key to leading prosperously. Building leadership rings adds value to your leadership style. To be a successful leader of a successful team that constantly achieves results, you need to change the way you lead.


This session is an interactive presentation that involves the audience to enable them to look at the way they lead. The session is an interactive session that requires audience participation and the attendees will be involved in activities that will assist with inculcating the required skills will help them learn how the ART of leadership can transform the way they lead and help them turn their teams into a family.

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