22nd Dec 2019

5 Ways Relational Leaders Prevent Burnout

We have heard the saying so many times that “employees don’t quit their job, they quit their boss.” Have you noticed whether your team are constantly exhausted and annoyed; they appear to be overly lethargic and it appears as if they feel unappreciated. To make matters worse, the statistics show that over seventy percent (70%) of leaders do not like their jobs and feel they are not being successful as leaders. The situation is aggravated […]
13th Sep 2019

7 Habits of a Relational Leader

Being a leader is not always easy and can be very lonely. Being a Relational Leader takes a lot of courage, commitment and resilience and putting yourself out there. As the leader your shareholders expect you to grow the bottom-line and protect their investments. You’re expected to produce results, but you soon realize you cannot achieve this on your own. On top of that, you expect your team to put in the effort and hours […]
20th Jul 2018

Millennials Don’t Eat Onions

We have all at some time heard or attempted to apply the concept of “Peel the Onion”. This concept refers to peeling away the layers of a problem until you have established the root of the problem. Have you ever peeled away the layers of an onion? As you peel away layer for layer of the onion you are ultimately left with nothing. This is a concept used in problem solving specifically and implies that […]
12th Jul 2018

Creating Leader-Rings

All too often I end up having debates with people about whether they are leaders or managers. It is amazing how many people still think it is one and the same thing. This could possibly be because they see leadership as a role or title. The Managing Directors of an organization assumes they are leaders merely because they hold the top position. Even though the title is Managing Director and not Leading Director, they still […]
19th Jun 2018

Is Social Media Chewing Up Your Time

Social media is a powerful tool for gathering information and for gauging the mood out there in the real world. Millennials trust the internet for information much more than print or other media. If you study some of the posts on especially Twitter and Facebook, how much of the information is actually believable. How often have you not seen people ranting and raving on Facebook merely to illicit some or other reaction? The problem we […]